Datical - Supported Database Platforms


Packaging Intelligence


Datical bundles changes together with information to guide database deployments


  • Package: Easily create and encapsulate database changes
  • Classify: Add database deployment intelligence to coordinate changes with releases, environmental specifics, etc.


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Validation Intelligence


Datical automates database change impact analysis and standards governance


  • Logical Checks: Intelligently analyzes the impact of database changes before they're deployed
  • Specialized Checks: Customizable business rules and technical intelligence that governs database changes based on a corporation's unique policies and regulatory requirements


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Deployment Intelligence


Datical simplifies and standardizes database deployments for complex, high velocity application releases across any environment


  • Select: Precise control of which logical groupings of changes are applied
  • Rollback: Pre-configure your rollback strategy and apply it automatically when the need arises


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Management Intelligence


Datical delivers complete visibility at every level of your database deployments


  • Status: Quickly and easily see the state of the database as you release changes across different environments.  Comprehensive database change information - deployed, pending, future
  • Reports: Detailed reports on each database change and metadata on who changed what where
  • History: Audit trail of database changes that have been applied over time in each environment


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An Integrated Solution


Leverage your existing investments in automation with Datical's out-of-the-box integrations


  • Version Control
  • Continuous Integration
  • Release Automation
  • Server Automation
  • Application Lifecycle Management


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Datical Integrations

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