Model Database Changes

Database Neutral Modeling makes it possible to compare multiple databases, compare databases of different types, and transform your applications automatically. The first step is to generate a baseline schema – the starting data model for defining and versioning your database. Wizards make generating baseline schema easy. The baseline data model enables Datical DB to compare initial schema with future versions and provide a history of change as your database evolves over time.

Forecast the Impact of Change

Proactively model the impact of database changes in production – or any other environment – before you deploy. No scrambling to troubleshoot errors at deploy time. No downtime or lost data. With Datical DB’s Forecast and Reporting, your Mean Time to Innocence is about 10 seconds. That’s the time it takes to prove an error or downtime wasn’t caused by the database or your team. No more finger pointing. No late nights spent searching for the cause of a failed deployment. Just assurance that schema changes or their dependencies will not cause unexpected problems in production.

Compare and Sync with Ease

The Compare feature simplifies and speeds troubleshooting of configuration-related problems. Datical DB’s Compare feature provides visibility into schema differences between environments such as differing data types, missing columns, missing tables, foreign keys, etc. This ensures consistency across your database environments.

Rollback with Total Control

Rollback makes it easy to undo select database changes or revert back to the previous version automatically. You can also rollback manually via custom rollback SQL. With Rollback, if you need to undo a change, you have the control and flexibility to manage the situation the way you want. It’s all about reducing your risk when managing application schema change across complex environments.

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