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Use a DevOps Database to drive digital transformation

The database deployment process has not changed in over 30 years. It is still highly manual – making it painfully slow, risky and error-prone. It creates an application development bottleneck. The process can take weeks to complete in a world where applications are released daily or even hourly. It’s time to bring DevOps to the Database.

Data is the Hardest Part of DevOps

While many IT teams have been successful in introducing DevOps and automating a number of manual processes in modern software development, the same has not been true for the data underpinning the applications. Today, when it comes to DevOps and automation the database has been ignored. Deploying database changes alongside application changes is still a manual process, creating long wait-states that add considerable friction to application projects and grinds digital transformation efforts to a halt.

Digital Transformation for Data

Datical automates and transforms database deployments into a simple, repeatable process that can be completed in a few minutes, instead of days or weeks. As a result, application teams get weeks back to deliver new innovation and digital transformation efforts are no longer bottlenecked by the database.

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