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Don’t let the database release velocity gap slow your company down.


Mind the gap.

If the process for dealing with database schema changes is slowing your application releases down, your team is not alone. The difference between the velocity of the application release and database deployment process is called the database release velocity gap. Good news! You can close the gap with Datical. 
database release gap

DevOps Database Release Automation with Datical

Reduce the Time Spent on Database Release Tasks by 80%

Deploy 80% Faster

Manual database deployments are slow, risky, and error-prone. Imagine a world where database deployments take minutes, not days or weeks. Our DevOps database tools help organizations create a repeatable database CI/CD process. Datical users deploy database changes 80% faster than they did before. 

Build better experiences faster

Decrease the Number of Database Release Errors by 90%

Reduce Errors by 90%

Most database scripts contain errors that put applications and data at risk. Finding and resolving these errors is time-consuming and tedious. Our patented DB automation tools simulate the impact database deployments have on each environment in your pipeline, enabling teams to fix issues before they’re deployed.

Your most valuable asset — data — is safer when you use Datical

Works With Existing Tools and Processes

Increase Productivity

Datical allows application teams to test and deploy database code and application code changes together with one click. It integrates with the other DevOps tools your team already uses to automate database releases in your pipeline. That means your team gets more time to innovate and stay ahead of your competition.

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