Accelerate Application Releases with Database Release Automation

Don’t let the database release velocity gap slow your company down.

Companies that have begun the process of digital transformation find themselves struggling with a divergence between the velocity of the application release process and the velocity with which the supporting database changes can be made. This divergence is called the database release velocity gap and it’s an obstacle that brings continuous chaos to the application release process.
Don’t let the database release velocity gap slow your company down

Close the velocity gap with Datical Database Release Automation.

Reduce the Time Spent on Database Release Tasks by 80%

Go Faster: Accelerate the Application Release Cycle              by 80% with DB Automation

Data is the new application release bottleneck. Today’s database release process is still manual, making it painfully slow, risky and error-prone. This process can take weeks to complete in a world where applications are released daily or even hourly. Datical database release automation transforms database deployments into a simple, fast, and repeatable database continuous delivery process that can be completed in a few minutes.

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Decrease the Number of Database Release Errors by 90%

Keep Data Safer: Decrease the Number of Database Release Errors by 90%

Did you know the majority of database deployments have issues that put data at risk and require time consuming intervention to resolve? Datical database release automation tools simulates database deployments to help teams find and fix bad changes before they are deployed. The result, applications get released faster and the enterprises’ most valuable asset – Data, is protected better.

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Works With Existing Tools and Processes

Increase Productivity: Deploy Application and Database Changes In-Sync with 1-Click

Datical works within your existing application build, test and release automation framework to enable database deployment automation and deliver a simple and repeatable 1-click process. As a result, application teams have more time to deliver new innovation and digital transformation efforts are no longer bottlenecked by the database.

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Bringing DevOps to the Database with Datical