Digital Transformation for Data

DevOps, the cloud, and data are essential to successful digital transformation

Software is reshaping industries, from healthcare to finance, to retail and beyond. The pace of change is accelerating, and companies must deliver applications more quickly in order to survive in the digital era. DevOps adoption, moving the to cloud, and managing data for application projects are all essential to driving digital transformation success.

Change the way software is built to deliver better customer experiences faster

Businesses across industries are digitally transforming to enhance the customer experience. Often, application software lies at the heart of an organization’s transformation initiatives. That means application teams are now faced with the challenge of developing new applications faster and modernizing old ones to meet the needs of business. In addition, they must release application updates faster and faster to drive continuous delivery, address competitive threats, and improve the customer experience .

Technology leaders are addressing this challenge by:

  • Adopting DevOps as an approach to help application teams deploy applications faster.
  • Implementing Platform-as-a-Service solutions to deploy cloud native applications.
  • Moving to the cloud to circumvent the long lead times required to provision new development, test and production environments.
  • Embracing data virtualization and test data management solutions so teams can test mission critical applications with production quality data.

Technology leaders can overcome the data challenges that go along with digital transformation and achieve great results by adopting the right approaches and technologies.

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