Bring DevOps to the Database

The process of building and releasing applications has evolved significantly. Many organizations have readily embraced application release automation, with the goal of releasing applications more quickly. However, many organizations have not realized the full potential of their DevOps investments because there is more to the release process than the application. While the application release processes has been dramatically automated, the database deployment process has largely remained manual and unchanged, creating an application release bottleneck. 

Data is the New DevOps Constraint

There are plenty of DevOps tools available that automate the way application code is built, tested and released. But it’s not just about application code. 4 out of every 5 application releases require corresponding changes to the database. The database deployment process looks nothing like modern CI/CD processes used to release applications. It is very manual and error-prone and can take weeks, not hours, to complete. In addition, one bad database change can result in significant downtime for customers and catastrophic data loss for the business.

Transform Data into a DevOps Differentiator

With Datical, enterprises treat database code like application code and transform database releases into a simple, repeatable process. As a result,  Datical customers release new applications to market faster, spend 80% less time on database deployment tasks, and realize a 90% reduction in errors that can put data at risk. 

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