Database Administrators

Control better, go faster and keep data safer with database deployment automation

Fixing a bug, improving performance issues or pushing out a new application release – database changes happen every day. In fact database changes happen a lot and database administrators are unable to keep up with the pace and frequency of changes creating a bottleneck and delaying digital transformation initiatives.

Bottleneck: Database Deployments the Old Way

When deployment issues occur DBAs are the first to get called and are tasked with finding and fixing the problem even if the database was not the root cause of the problem. Database release automation from Datical helps DBAs by finally bringing the efficiency, speed and risk mitigation capabilities often associated with application build and release automation – to the database.

Boost: Database Deployments the New Way

  • Simplify, speed up and better control the database deployment process by plugging database release automation into the same build and deploy tools your organization uses for its application.
  • Find problems faster by simulating the impact of database changes before they are pushed to production. This reduces the risk of database deployment problems and ensures database releases are production ready. No more deploying scripts at 3 a.m. on Saturday. How about 3 p.m. on Wednesday?
  • Make database audits easy. With Datical every change is automatically tracked, creating an audit trail that is easily accessible. Making it no longer necessary to assemble armies of resources that have to spend days or weeks troubleshooting or proving a database change was not the root cause of an issue.
  • Stop performing mundane, manual database deployment tasks like reviewing every change in every change script. With database release automation DBAs can focus on projects and initiatives that move the business forward.
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