Cloud Infrastructure

Change the Way Data is Managed in the Cloud

The effort to move applications to the cloud is changing the way data is managed. The ease of spinning up new development and test environments in the cloud allows teams to move fast. However, this proliferation of new cloud instances comes with a cost. Each new environment requires a cloud database that must be managed. With an increasing portfolio of databases across distributed cloud instances it’s critical to keep application and database changes synchronized. 

The Hidden Challenges of Managing Data in the Cloud

There are many benefits to cloud computing, such as utilization based pricing and quicker, on-demand access to applications and services. Business leaders can get applications to market quickly without worrying about underlying infrastructure costs or maintenance. But there are hidden challenges that go along with the ability to quickly scale cloud db services, such as managing database deployments across an increased set of cloud databases and enforcing database standards across disparate teams. These challenges will force application teams to spend valuable time on housekeeping tasks instead of building compelling new features for customers. 

Simplify Cloud Infrastructure Managment

Datical is a cloud enabler. By integrating with your existing cloud based database and application deployment tools, Datical makes it easy to update databases regardless of where they reside, such as the private cloud, in the datacenter, or in a shared cloud instance like Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Datical also automatically enforces rules and standards for database change management, ensuring bad changes are not deployed your cloud application.

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