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Why Choose Datical?

To keep up with the non-stop pace of business innovation.

In order to keep up, organizations have modernized their application release automation tools to deliver better experiences faster. Movements such as Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery have resulted in a steady evolution of application development and deployment. However, practices around database continuous integration and delivery have not made the same leap.

Keep up with the nonstop pace of business innovation
More Application Releases Means More Database Releases

More Application Releases Mean More Database Releases

Did you know that 4 out of every 5 application releases include database changes? Unfortunately, the combination of application release automation and painstaking process of reviewing and deploying database changes has created a bottleneck. To make matters worse, it only takes one bad database change to bring down an app or compromise data security.

Deliver Error-Free Application Experiences Faster and Safer

Make database code deployment as fast and easy as application release automation while eliminating risks that cause application downtime and data security vulnerabilities. Using Datical to automate database releases means organizations are now able to deliver error-free application experiences faster and safer while focusing resources on the high-value tasks that move the business forward.

Deliver Error-Free Application Experiences Faster and Safer
Seeing is believing.