DevOps at GE Transportation

Reinventing Legacy Applications to Respond to a Fast Pace World

When GE Transportation won a contract to provide 1,000 locomotives to railways in India, the maintenance management application team was left in a quandary – how were they going to scale their release process to support the demands of thousands of new users?

In this on demand webinar, Chris Lawther, Data Architect at GE, discusses how the team used DevOps practices to reinvent a legacy application, resulting in a streamlined release process which reduced the amount of time spent on non-value added tasks and allowed the team to focus on the activities that really matter to their customers.

Once the new standardized and repeatable process was installed, Chris found himself asking, “Why can’t we have the same sort of process – 1-click deployment – for our database code?”

Watch the replay to see how the GE Transportation team partnered with Datical to incorporate DDL changes into their 1-click deployment process and shortened their release window from hours to less than ten minutes.