How to Choose Between Liquibase and Datical

Liquibase vs. Datical

Choosing the right database source control tool to level up your database deployments

Every software team’s needs are different. It’s important to choose the right database change management solution based on your team’s makeup, the complexity of the database, how frequently it needs to be updated, and the importance of the applications it supports. 

Many developers and DBAs love the Liquibase open source solution for tracking and managing database schema changes. Liquibase provides a great starting point for teams addressing the challenges that come with managing database changes.

Datical enhances the database change management experience with access to advanced capabilities like automatic enforcement of predefined DBA rules (improving productivity), a simulator that forecasts the impact of database changes before they are deployed (reducing risk and eliminating downtime), and a dashboard that automates tracking and reporting of every database deployment (simplifying audits). In short, Datical helps companies take advantage of Liquibase’s powerful capabilities and adds enterprise-class deployment automation capabilities and other features like an object-based rules engine, RBAC, stored logic, and more. 

Are you ready to take the next step toward truly automated database changes and deployments? Datical builds on top of Liquibase software and makes deployments easier for everyone involved in the database release process.

Already a Liquibase user?
Check out this short video to see how Datical makes it easy to keep your existing Liquibase workflow.

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