Database Virtualization

The Data Gap is a Barrier to Continuous Delivery

In today’s digital economy, success often comes down to how quickly businesses can develop and deploy new applications. However, 80% of developers and IT professionals agree that database provisioning and deployment is a major bottleneck. Today, provisioning, versioning, and aligning data to database code is still a largely manual process. This creates a barrier to continuous delivery by adding considerable friction to application projects and slowing the pace of digital transformation.

Data is the New Continuous Delivery Constraint

Database Virtualization tools are very good at providing on-demand database environments for application testing and development purposes. However, that’s only half of the challenge. Application updates often require changes to the database schema and logic. As developers make these changes against virtual database environments, database continuous delivery tools are required to automate and track these changes across environments instead of requiring manual effort.

Close the Data Gap with Database Continuous Delivery

Datical partners with data virtualization solution providers such as Delphix to help organizations achieve true database continuous delivery. Datical provides visibility into the state of each virtual database and automates the management of schema and logic changes across the development and release pipeline. With Datical, database change management is transformed into a simple, repeatable process that removes data as a barrier to continuous delivery

Seeing is believing.