Help development and operations teams stay in sync with Database DevOps

While there are many DevOps tools available to speed up the application delivery process, there is one process that is often overlooked – database deployments. Today’s database deployment process is slow, error-prone, resource intensive and gets in the way of development and operations working together. This creates a barrier to delivering new application innovation.

Bring DevOps to the Database with Datical

  • Respond faster to market needs by utilizing Database DevOps to keep database deployments in sync with application release cycles and accelerating the delivery of new application features.
  • Reduce the risk of introducing database errors that cause application performance issues, downtime or even worse compromise data security.
  • Help development and operations teams increase productivity and efficiency by spending less time on database deployment tasks and eliminating the typical back and forth waiting game experienced by developers and testers as they wait for DBAs to review every change in every change script.
  • Get more value out of existing application build, test and deployment tools by adding DevOps Database automation into the continuous delivery process.

When it comes down to it DevOps is underpinned by an ecosystem of automation tools that support collaboration and moving faster. It’s an ecosystem that the database must be part of.  Datical helps you bring the database into your DevOps ecosystem and works with the tools and processes you already have.

Seeing is believing.