DORA & Datical: Measuring DevOps Performance

What is the best way to measure DevOps performance? There are many ways that people have tried to measure productivity in software delivery in the past — what works and what doesn’t? In this webinar, Dr. Nicole Forsgren and Robert Reeves present some lessons learned about measuring software delivery and why it’s important. The webinar also highlights the key factors driving DevOps performance and offers a preview to some of the challenges on the horizon.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Flaws in previous attempts to measure performance
  • What really matters (hint: focus on outcomes)
  • The four measures that are key to delivery performance
  • The *big* difference between high performers and the rest
  • Why maturity models don’t work
  • What high performers can do for their organizations
  • What challenges are up next in technology transformations… things like data, serverless, and security.