Let Data Flow: Removing the Latest DevOps Constraint with DataOps

While IT teams have automated many parts of the application development process, managing data has emerged as the latest constraint holding DevOps teams back, suppressing the pace of innovation delivery. Data provisioning, versioning, and aligning database code with application code are still manual processes that impede the flow of high-quality, secure data to teams that need it most. But it does not have to be that way. 

Watch this on-demand webinar with Robert Reeves, Datical CTO and Adam Bowen, Delphix Strategic Advisor, to learn how enterprises are incorporating database virtualization, data masking, and database release automation into their processes and toolchain to remove the latest DevOps constraints with DataOps. We will explore:

  • Enabling fast provisioning of current production data with masked data while keeping the database schema in synchronization
  • Use cases of integrated test environments that use high-fidelity, masked data and data structures
  • How Datical and Delphix provide developers with more autonomy, less dependence on infrastructure teams, and faster releases