Bridging the Gap Between Data Management and DevOps

DevOps continues to transform the way companies build and deploy applications through agile methodologies, better communication and collaboration, faster feedback loops and greater automation. However, even the best DevOps initiatives can fall victim to data bottlenecks, from challenges provisioning data quickly and easily, to synchronizing application and database changes and, in some cases, a serious lack of cooperation between developers and database administrators. The speed and flexibility requirements of DevOps and modern applications can be difficult to achieve in the world of data management with rigid schemas, manual processes and data silos providing obstacles.


To educate IT decision makers and practitioners about the key technologies and strategies for bridging the gap between data management and DevOps, Database Trends and Applications is hosting a special roundtable webinar. 

Adam Bowen – Senior Sr. Director and Global Practice Lead, DevOps and Cloud, Delphix

Robert Reeves – CTO, Datical

John Pocknell – Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Quest Software