Datical & Amazon

Datical works with the world’s most popular DevOps tools to bring Continuous Delivery to the database.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud platform being adopted by companies of all sizes, from the Fortune 500 to new startups.

Datical supports the following databases on AWS:

  • Oracle on Amazon RDS
    • Oracle 11g, version
    • Oracle 12c, version and
    • Oracle 19c, version
  • PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS (version 11.2)
  • Amazon Aurora (version 1.3, 2.2)

Using AWS, companies that were once deploying applications a few times a year are now deploying those same applications a few times a day. With 80% of application changes requiring related database changes, the database will quickly become the bottleneck to rapid change if the process for database deployments is not modernized as well. Datical integrates with application build and deploy tools like AWS CodeStar for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery on AWS and automates the deployment of database changes in-line with related application changes. With a combined Datical and AWS solution, companies have the agility and speed to safely roll out functionality to customers just as fast as they can develop it.

In addition, Datical can help enterprises as they move workloads to the AWS Cloud. With Datical managing access to the databases for automated deployments, data teams are able to manage environments in the cloud and in the datacenter without increasing the administrative burden of different processes based on the location of the database. 

AWS advanced technology partner