database release automation

What is Database Release Automation?

Database release automation (DRA) refers to the process of packaging and deploying database changes, across environments throughout the software delivery pipeline and ultimately to production.

Best practices dictate that DRA solutions combine deployment automation, environment modeling, validation, testing, and release coordination.

Implementing a fully automated, continuous application delivery process requires that ALL code, including database code, be checked in to version control and deployed as part of the application release process.

If your company isn’t using a database release automation process yet, you’re not alone. Many companies that implement continuous delivery for their application code aren’t doing the same for their database code. Not yet. But this is going to change very quickly as the importance and advantages of CD for the database become more apparent.

Recent research is shining a light on a huge problem that’s slowing application releases down. The State of Database Deployment Survey Results found:

  • 84% of application stakeholders have serious production issues due to database change errors
  • 57% of all application changes require a corresponding database schema change
  • 88% report taking more than an hour to resolve these schema change issues

CIOs are not going to let this trend continue for long. Especially now that there are tools and proven processes in place to eliminate this bottleneck.

Benefits of Database Release Automation

There are a lot of benefits to adopting DRA into your current DevOps process, especially if you choose the right partner.

  1. Faster application releases
    Benchmarks from our customers show that using Datical helps users deploy database changes 80% faster than they did before. When used as part of your CI/CD pipeline, releases take minutes, not days.
  2. Fewer errors
    Database script errors put companies at risk. Finding and then fixing these errors is incredibly time-consuming and tedious. By using database automation tools that simulate deployments for each environment in your pipeline, you can eliminate errors before they’re deployed. Our customer benchmarks show that Datical reduces database errors by 90%.
  3. Painless audits
    Enjoy on-demand access to detailed information on every database deployment across the enterprise. Datical logs detailed information on deployments into a centralized database, allowing users to retrieve, validate and labels all database changes and trace them back to the corresponding application task or business requirement. Automatically.
  4. Happier, more productive teams
    Eliminate tedious manual tasks and prevent friction between developers and DBAs.

More and more companies are discovering that database release automation eliminates bottlenecks and speeds application deliveries. By streamlining database release processes organizations can have less internal issues and focus on providing the best customer experience possible. Learn more about how Datical can help you accelerate app and database releases today.

Seeing is believing.