Life at Datical

“The Datical team believes in getting it done and doing it right. Our culture centers around customer success and delighting our customers. We know to do this, we need the best team, the best technology and a passion to ‘get it done.’ We are passionate about what we do, helping customers achieve their objectives and making a positive impact on the world. We are committed, we are intentional, we are Datical.”

– Derek Hutson, CEO, Datical



We seek to hire and retain the best. Daticals value courage, intelligence and passion in one another. Every company wants “A Players” and we are no different. For Datical, A players are the best at what they do, have desire and potential to keep growing and are great teammates. We don’t tolerate “punks or jerks”, politics and don’t worry about who gets credit. Daticals enjoy what they do and the team around them. We are serious about what we do while not taking ourselves too seriously. 


We are uncompromising on integrity. We are truthful and value respectful candor. We make and keep commitments to each other, our customers and our shareholders. By the way, delivering on customer success is part of how we define integrity. We seek to do it right.


Excellence requires being committed to how you do things. It’s about knowing what to do and getting it done. For Daticals, excellence means being prepared, getting it done on time and using good judgement. It’s about solving the problem “all of the way” and making a positive impact.




Seeing is believing.