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A: Datical is licensed per database core.  Contact us for a quote.

A: Datical DB is database neutral and supports market leading RDBMS platforms – Oracle Database 11g and 12c, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2012, and IBM DB2 9.7 and 10.5.

A: No, Datical DB utilizes JDBC to connect to database servers providing quick implementation.

A: Datical DB proactively determines the impact of database changes in production, or any other environment, before they are made. Datical DB provides environmental intelligence by analyzing the database and creating a database model in memory. You know how changes will affect your application, in advance, without actually executing the changes. If you have a large number of changes, you don’t need to worry about performance issues or downtime caused by change transaction failures. You get visibility into change outcomes such as the number of rows affected by each change, whether any of your data will be dropped by a proposed change, and any impacts to referential integrity objects that make your data work for you.

A: Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

A: Yes. Datical DB also includes an easy to use graphical user interface and wizards which make Datical DB very easy to use. A centralized console is also included. With Datical DB, you have complete control and visibility into what’s happening with the database at every step in the application lifecycle.

A: Datical is a commercial software company that uses open source components such as Liquibase, like many other large software companies do.  Datical extends Liquibase to support enterprise requirements such as scale, database forecasting, business rules, and integrations to 3rd party DevOps tools.

A: No other vendor approaches Database Change Management like Datical DB. Here are a few of our important differences:

  • Datical DB uses a patented, holistic, data model approach for automating and managing database schema changes, configuration and deployments. It works within your existing release process, using your existing tools – versioning, archiving, managing and executing database changes “with” the application code as it evolves through the application lifecycle.
  • Datical DB manages and automates database deployments to any environment and any database. It stops configuration drift and instantly performs fresh installs in seconds.
  • Datical DB fuels automation with environmental intelligence for visibility and flexibility. With Datical DB, you can create a model of schema automatically from an existing database and you can instantly migrate to any database. Datical provides automatic discovery and translation for mixed database environments. No months-long migration project that ties up a cast of thousands. No project delays, no integration headaches, and no data loss because Datical forecasts the impact of change, before it happens.
  • Datical DB works with your existing release tools with out-of-the-box integrations – Jenkins, CA Release Automation, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, Serena Deployment Automation, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, BMC BladeLogic, and more.
  • The core functions of Datical DB – Model, Deploy, Manage and Troubleshoot – can easily be applied to any number of use cases for Continuous Delivery, Agile, DevOps, Cloud, SaaS, and Mobile.
  • Implementation is fast. No expensive migration project or long services engagement required.

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