Change Management Simulator

Eliminate database downtime by simulating the impact of changes before they are deployed.

Manually organizing and executing several distinct SQL scripts to upgrade from one version of your applications’ schema to another is a risky and time consuming process. Database downtime and data loss can occur if you forget a script, run a script out of order or execute the wrong version of a script. Datical’s Database Change Management Simulator helps organizations take a holistic approach to database change management.

Maintain an Ideal State Environment.

Datical’s Database Change Management Simulator employs a virtual model of the ideal state of your database in order to track and affect change. When it’s time to deploy, the Change Management Simulator reconciles the target environment with the ideal state represented by the virtual model, ensuring a complete and correct ideal end state regardless of the version from which you start.

Track Database Evolution Over Time.

The Database Change Management Simulator’s virtual model isolates individual database changes in an SQL script and ties them back to the business requirement or development task that introduced them. This historical knowledge leads to a deeper understanding of the current state and enables safer change planning and execution.

Simulate the impact of database changes before they are deployed.

There’s no guarantee a SQL script will work right the first time. Datical’s Database Change Management Simulator simulates proposed database changes against the current state of an environment prior to making any changes, eliminating database downtime and troubleshooting that goes along with SQL script execution failures.

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