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Policy-Based Management For SQL Validation


Have you observed any of the following issues when reviewing SQL scripts?

  • A change to the database isn’t tied to a change request, making it incredibly difficult to provide the who, what, when, where, and why during a database audit
  • Words like DROP or TRUNCATE mysteriously find their way into database stored procedures
  • A foreign key is applied to production without having first confirmed there are indices in place for both columns
Datical DB Rules Engine in 3 Minutes


Often the only way to enforce corporate policy is to ensure that a responsible professional visually inspects each piece of SQL before it's deployed to a database.


What’s more, due to the number of policies and regulations your organization is subject to, it often takes a very experienced professional to provide oversight of the change process and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.


This is an expensive way to enforce your policies, in the form of lost productivity and the opportunity cost of not having your most experienced and valuable professionals work on more strategic pursuits.


Datical's SQL validator, called Forecast, automatically performs static and dynamic analysis of SQL statements to validate that the SQL is technically correct, and will not execute any destructive actions against the database schema without your consent.  This is accomplished by executing statements against an in-memory model of the target database, prior to a database deployment, to mitigate the risk of a production failure and increase release confidence.


Additionally, Datical's SQL validator enforces your unique technical, corporate, and regulatory database standards through our Rules Engine, which validates SQL scripts against a set of business rules defined and customized by the database team.  As an example, while setting a default value for a table column is technically sound, it is not considered a best practice, especially for tables with millions of rows of data.  With Datical Forecast and Rules Engine, you won't have to worry that these kinds of statements will find their way into the production environment.


Download our tech brief on Datical DB Rules Engine to learn more.

Enforce Regulatory Database Standards With SQL Validation Intelligence From Datical


Business Rules for Database Deployments


Datical DB Forecast Report

Mitigate Risk - Datical's SQL validator, called Forecast, validates all schema changes and generates reports that detail success or failure before you deploy


Automated SQL validation - Datical's Forecast automates SQL review for DBAs, and virtually eliminates time spent on validating database changes


Proactively identify potential errors - Datical's SQL validator increases release confidence.  It allows you to eliminate potential database deployment failures and identify data loss through database deployment simulation without affecting the target environment


Consistent compliance checks - Enforce corporate, technical and regulatory standards every time a database change is made to any environment


Perform heavy lifting early - DBAs can craft & validate database changes in development and hand off a package to the release team for 'push button' deployment to downstream environments

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