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What Changes Have Run, And What Changes Still Need To Run?


If you've ever asked yourself that question, then you know how difficult it is to understand the version of the database.


Due to the persistent nature of data, the database can't simply be wiped away in the event a mistake is made, but must instead evolve incrementally towards the desired state.


This situation makes database versioning a complex task, requiring manual inspection of database objects to understand how they impacted the evolution of the database.


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What version is this database on?

What version is this database on?

Version Your Database With Packaging Intelligence From Datical

Database Version Control
Perform heavy lifting early - DBAs can craft & validate database changes in development and hand off a package to the release team for 'push button' deployment to downstream environments


Automated packaging - Datical automates database change creation/packaging, validation and deployment while increasing control, security and productivity


Automatic status tracking - Know the deployment status of every schema in every database, in real time.  Easily see changes deployed, pending, and future


Standardize database deployments - Manual processes allow for human error.  Intelligent automation ensures a standardized, repeatable and reliable method for deploying database changes


Reduce bottlenecks - Datical eliminates the constraints of traditional/manual processes through automation


Ensure consistency - Quickly identify differences in two environments and create a reconciliation change package automatically

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